About Us- OLD Version

Tali's history working in the floral trade is intricately woven into her own history, starting with her first job at a local family-run florist shop. She describes her work there as a focus on work ethic and character-building - scrubbing buckets, cleaning flowers, creating boutonieres and bows, and eventually designing floral arrangements. While at university and through years of travel, her work in the flower trade continued with emphasis on farm-to-table, sourcing and care for perishable goods, and a focus on sustainable and seasonal. Her interests grew, as well as her love of working with her hands, and she began considering making this her career. She signed up for floral design classes, reinforcing practical knowledge gleaned from working in her newly-chosen field, while providing perspective and structure from skilled designers
of prior generations, including a renowned master of Ikebana. 

Then, on an impulse, she and her brother created a pop-up florist event at an old firehouse in San Francisco, creating fresh arrangements and bouquets with seasonal flair, garnering instant popularity. They soon flourished into a wedding and events-based florist, which they named Thistle. As they refined their approach, Tali brought her love of travel and respect for farm product, her affinity for natural textures and vibrant color into her work. The design principle of movement resonates with her as she weaves garlands and bouquets that move through and hold space.

As Thistle's business grew, so did the need for a brick and mortar space. Tali began to search for an appropriate location in the Bay Area, and increasingly found herself drawn to the proximity of the fields and farms which provide the branches and flowers for her work.

Which brings us to Second Street Flowers, named simply for being just that, a physical space, in which to support events and celebrations, to hold workshops and educations, for work and retail, a designer's studio, and a place to meet the community. Please stop by and say hello!